Halfway Home & All The Way Gone

If we had to put Monsieur Leisure‘s latest single, “Halfway Home,” in a genre mix, we’d call it a melancholic-r&b-psychedelic-trap type beat. But we hate putting art in a box. Instead, you can press play and let the song’s visual speak for itself.

Starring l’artiste lui-même, the Halfway Home music video was directed and edited by Monsieur Leisure and shot by Mikey Connect. In true what-the-fuck fashion, the story unfolds in non-linear format, opening with ACT II. Here, Leisure awakens in a crashed vehicle after a night of LSD & revelry with friends (ACT I). The story ends in ACT III, where Leisure finds acceptance & understanding as the sun rises to meet the sky.

Stream Halfway Home on all music platforms now.

Art featured by: 24k Spirit x Durag Dev
Studio: Yellow the Photo Studio
Featuring the homies: Substance, Illegal Tendr, Kimky LV, & Who Cares

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