Today marks the 77th anniversary of the discovery of the psychedelic effects of LSD. Albert Hofmann, a Swiss chemist, accidentally absorbed LSD-25 on April 16, 1943. Curious by the mildly-stimulating perceptual effects, 3 days later, he purposely ingested (a seemingly tiny) 250 micrograms. From a modern perspective, this would be like taking 2 tabs of acid. Now embarking, not only on the first acid trip ever–but a heroically dosed trip –Albert Hofmann takes his bicycle home while tripping balls. The rest is psychedelic history.

To honor this discovery, we teamed up with David aka Toha & put together a 22 minute mix + visualizer. Whether you’re celebrating in spirit or with substance, this mix supplies you with proper high-atmospheric vibes from hip hop, indie & rock. Visually, we pulled from various eras & worlds– ’60-70s counterculture, retro times bombing San Francisco hills, surreal anime moments, a cinematic cruise in the empty streets of Los Angeles (thanks COVID19) & much more. Enjoy the ride, my friends.


River Tiber – Acid Test 
Childish Gambino – Flight of the Navigator
A$AP Rocky  – L$D
Jaden Smith – Lost Boy (Electric Remix)
Tame Impala – Borderline (Slowed) 
Felly  – Gloria
Dennis. – Dream State
Joji – Test Drive
Medasin – Retrospect
Mick Jenkins – Carefree


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