An Afternoon Cruise in Mid-City LA

I used to say getting my skateboard was like the quarter-life equivalent to buying a sports car during a mid-life crisis. There is something so profoundly liberating about cruising around the city with music in my ears and a full view of the world around me. This kind of therapy saved me during my 12-hour days in college and now, when adulting is becoming more prevalent than ever, I can go outside to play & feel like a kid again to take a break from it all. Not to mention it’s a super efficient means of transportation and I’m all about that efficiency 😬

How do you keep your inner child alive? Do you remember your first time on a skateboard and how finding your balance once seemed impossible? That’s another thing I love about it–it teaches you rhythm, balance & being fearless. The moment you lose any of that, it shows in the physical & you’re likely to fall or eat shit. But if you fall (which you will) *queue Aaliyah’s angelic voice* dust yourself off & try again. It’s a lot like life, right?

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