The very first time I ever did LSD was 11/11/11 and the substance itself was so magical and beautiful but, I wasn’t super into the people I had decided to do it with and I tripped very minimally. This was when I realized people were made up of energy and some energy wasn’t aligned with mine. Not good or bad just not aligned. All in all, I spent most of that first trip listening to The Beatles and The Shins and then proceeded to drive home in the rain, so that was interesting. Luckily I was enough in my right mind and totally safe or else I absolutely wouldn’t have done it.

Going from there it would be another 2 years until I tried psychedelics again & this time I was accompanied by great people and an even greater environment.

Hard Summer ‘14 I had just smoked a blunt in a crowd of ravers. I’ll never forget this moment (my friend who we’ll call B) looked at each other from about 10 feet apart and we knew we were both about to start tripping balls. We ran out of the crowd together both feeling lucy goosey & dropped to the ground. Laying in the grass, looking up at the sky, I’ll always remember how beautifully the patterns in the clouds, matched the vibrations I felt from the music through the ground. I began experiencing my soul in past incarnations living through Woodstock, studio 54 and other past scenes that matched the rave scene. I felt so much hope and optimism looking at how everyone was expressing their individuality. My skin was switching hues of pink, purple, green, blue and yellow and it felt like I could feel every cell in my body.

This launched what I like to call a 9 month marathon of music festivals and LSD. Every trip brings good times and life lessons. Leading me to meeting my soulmate (while I was also on LSD) that next May.

To this day, I’ve never had a bad trip and I believe this is because I was always really honest about my state of mind. This honestly reached a point last year where I realized that LSD (for me) was not a sustainable model for me to continue to evolve. Or at least I couldn’t do it as often as I once was & have turned to other modalities of expanding consciousness such as pranayama and kundalini kriya.

I still strongly believe in the power of psychedelics to connect us with our energetic selves though. It’s such a powerful tool and without psychedelics I would not be the person I am today. This isn’t to say I’ll never do them again either bc, it’s such a reset button but, I do need longer periods of time between my trips to integrate the teachings of the last while using other mind expanding modalities in between. Thanks for letting me share, it’s such a beautiful topic.

SUBMITTED ON MAY 5, 2020 | 6:49 AM

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