Let me set the story. It was a fair autumn day when two of my good friends decided they wanted to trip. They had their own supply and I procured my own from another source but I decided I wanted to join them. We rendezvoused at my friends place and I discovered I was late to the drop- but no worries- it was still the middle of the day so despite them already dosing- I decided to take my own. We sat around waiting for it to hit but before it did we decided to drive over to another friend’s house in a short distance. Upon arrival, we confirmed with them our altered state of being. They were sober so I was able to trust them to watch over us in our adventure. As time passed the trip started. We combined it with good old cannabis and my experience intensified. I started laughing, smiling- enjoying each silly, half baked joke my friends made. We took turns creating a song together and we had a blast. As I started to peak though- things started to get strange. I settled into a state of being where all I could observe was my body- sitting on the couch in my friend’s loft. I started to gaze to the floor and started to see the carpets breathing, and the flower of life pattern emerging in hi-fi iridescent colors. At this point, I knew I was blasted into another dimension of time. I blissed out with joy knowing that I was one with a unified- eternal consciousness. But soon after my trip shifted. I turned around to see my friend’s dog, who’s name is Susan, decided to poop and then proceeded to eat said poop. Instantly I screamed “Susan, WHY are you eating your poop?!” All of my friends thought I was tripping, but luckily my trip sitting friend was able to look over and stop her before she finished. She was indeed, eating her poop, no hallucinations lol. Anyways after that, I started to feel slightly paranoid because they had a roommate who I was unfamiliar with and I always got sketchy vibes from. In my head, he was some sort of dealer but I had never confirmed this. He happened to be home that day and wasn’t really interacting with us but had to handle some business in the laundry room. While I was tripping my sensitivity to sound is on 10. Moments after he entered the laundry room which was about 5-8ft from where I was sitting, I heard the sound of ducktape. Instantly my mind entered a state of paranoia. Was he packaging bricks of cocaine? Was he taping a dead body? My mind wandered to the endless possibilities. Eventually, I calmed down- but this began the come-down. My friends were still making music and enjoying each other’s company but myself and another were ready to go home. So we packed up our bags and headed back. Luckily we all lived within a 3-mile radius so we were able to get back safely to our destinations. Later on I reflect on this day with laughter with how absurd we were – and I found out he wasn’t packing cocaine or wrapping a dead body – they just had a broken dryer door that needed to be taped shut. And that concludes one of many of my psychedelic escapades.

SUBMITTED ON MAY 30, 2020 | 5:38 AM

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