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At a notable paradigm shift in 2009, 16-year old me, a green & wide-eyed desert dreamer, began to romanticize the idea of the inner child–the idea that youth was not measured by age, but by a feeling, the fire in your soul that only lights as bright as how often you feed it. The spirit in you, in all of us, that thrives off creating, adventures, and the ever fleeting yet bountiful moment of the present. It’s that feeling of being forever young.

Especially as of late, now in my 20s, pursuing a professional career to earn this living in Los Angeles–I watch my friends go through the same adult shit, grasping for every chance they get to feed their soul, because life… happens. Lately I’m reminded that there’s no artist without the inner child and that purpose gets lost when we can’t play and have fun. Lately I’m reminded how essential it is to play everyday, even if only an hour–even if that’s just you reading a fucking book for fun or digging for new music.

On that note, the first featured artist in BID’s interview series, hails from Las Vegas and creates by the name ‘Youth Fables‘ (known as Pete, IRL). His artist alias not only ties with this youth feeling I’ve been talking about, but Pete’s music carries that same vibe. Youth Fables’ latest EP, Sequential Season, sounds like a surreal adventure through time and space. Each song telling a story, not by words but by the instrumental conversations being carried throughout. Combining electronic production with the electric guitar, you can get lost in the melodies as your body follows the rhythmic riffs and flow of everything else.

Read about Pete’s story, where he talks about his music journey, from the Las Vegas band scene to where he is now, creating with Youth Fables. See what inspires him, a typical day in his life, and why he makes music.

What time do you wake up & what are the first things you do?
Since today is Saturday, I was actually able to sleep in a little. Woke up around 8 and laid around for another hour, scrolling through social media feeds. Then made bacon/egg sandwich.

What color is your shirt if applicable?
Dark gray band t-shirt. Bon Iver shirt!

Are you a morning or a night person?
I’ve turned into a morning person, I am definitely a lot more productive in the morning when it comes to doing things that involves being an adult.

Describe yourself in 3 words
A self-possessed boy.

When I dance I look like…?
I definitely  look goofy dancing, I’ve seen myself on my friends Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories, and I don’t look as graceful on there as I felt when I was dancing.

Do you believe in any conspiracy theories? If so, what?
Not much of a conspiracy theorist, but sometimes I think some sports games are rigged. I also say that because my sports team have not been winning lately and I need something to blame..

What was the last thing that made you laugh or smile?
I have a group chat where three of my other friends send each memes. Memes make me smile.

What would you be doing in your spare time, if not making music?
I would definitely be something outdoors. Hiking, running, camping, something active.

What inspires you?
To live up to my potential. My parents raised me to not settle. Whether it’s my academic life, professional life, or my creative life as a musician.

What song would you play at your funeral?
“Death Cab for Cutie – Brothers on a Hotel Bed”

What’s been on heavy rotation lately?
That new Haim record has been pretty heavy for me lately. It’s catchy and easy to listen to.

What do you like about your music?
That it’s mine, it’s my self-expression, everything about it is me. It’s something I built from the ground up. I know my production skills are not up to par with a lot of producers but I like that I made with with my bare hands. I like the cohesiveness of different instruments, I like how riff or a melody can turn into a full song. I like the feeling of putting honest effort into something and creating art out of it.

What’s a typical day in your life?
I would go to work at 8am until 5pm, if I have energy, I would work out. But I always try to decompress with music, whether it is recording something or strumming my acoustic guitar in bed. Lately work has taken over my life. The past two months, the creative part of my life has been limited to recording small ideas that I’ll eventually come back to make an actual song. That’s going to change soon.

How does living in Las Vegas influence you, creatively/in general?
When I first moved here 12 years ago, I was really only involved in the band scene. I never sought out other types of musical environment other than that. Being in a band at the time, shows were ran differently than what I am doing now with Youth Fables. In the band scene, promoters were very concerned with how many people you plan to bring in the door, they want you to sell a certain amount of pre-sale tickets. Even some of your peer bands were very transactional. They would throw you on their show, only if you throw them on your next show. It seemed like bands/promoters acted based on how it can benefit them. Everyone’s goal was to be signed and almost get out of this town. But I totally understand why that is the case, I have nothing against it and I respect it. Being in that environment definitely shaped how I approach things with my Youth Fables project. I am more conscious of not sacrificing the creative element of music for the business side of it. Rather than try to break out of the music scene, I am focusing more on fostering my place in scene here. I’m lucky enough to have met a few folks in town that share that approach. The guys and girls from the Rabbit Hole are definitely some of those people.

Why do you make music?
Self-expression. It is liberating to make something that doesn’t have to abide by any rules or procedures. A lot of things in our lives are constructed by a principle of behavior but making art/music lets you escape that. I’ve been lucky enough to experience signing a record deal, touring around the country, playing music in front of you people you idolized as a kid. I remember going to Hot Topic, Target and seeing my record on the shelves. I remember being hundred of miles from home and having kids singing along to your songs. Today, with Youth Fables, the stage is a lot smaller but the thrill of creative effort is still the same. That feeling of the moment right before you start your set, that meth-like high (I’ve never done meth, I am just imagining), is the same whether it’s in front of hundreds of people or 10 people.  I had one of my friends tell me after one of my recent shows, that they can tell how passionate I am when I play, and to me that is the best compliment. It is better than someone telling me that my “drops were sick”. I play and make music to express myself.

What sets your soul on fire? Do you remember the feeling of forever young?

Stay tuned to Pete’s journey and stream Youth Fables on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud!

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