Making Art & Microdosing Ego Death

This post is a follow up piece and part II of “A Dose A Day” – a microdosing journey documented by Atlanta-based artist + designer, Bri Kole.


Getting out of my old pattern in order to thrive has always been one of my many goals in this lifetime. The day I decided to microdose Psilocybin & Delta-8 is the day that sealed the deal for me. I have let go of the rules and unleashed the pictures floating around in this head of mine. The conversations I have had with myself are ineffable and the best way to translate them was to create art.


I’ve never been great with words. Hence why I’ve decided to visually communicate my journey. What I can relay is that I believe there are two kinds of egos; healthy and unhealthy. A healthy ego sets boundaries and makes good decisions. An unhealthy ego on the other hand allows you to stay comfortable and hold unrealistic expectations. This cycle can only be broken by self-reflection. This is what my journey was about and what I hope is evident in my work.

“Big egos are big shields for lots of empty space.”

Diana Black

Bri Kole is an artist, designer and plant medicine enthusiast based in Atlanta. Follow her on Instagram, along with her art page.

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