Finding Home: LV//LA

Where do you feel most at home? Is it a place or a feeling? Or maybe home is something you’re still making for yourself or an answer you’re still seeking. Lately I’ve noticed a pattern within myself and among my friends: we’re all pretty fucking lost and existential crises come in regularly periodic waves. And that’s okay. Those feelings are just part of being alive and wanting purpose out of life.

I was kinda nervous to go back home to Vegas for Thanksgiving weekend. As much as I love change, I think I was afraid of everything feeling too different and unlike the home that I know. And I was right. Everything and everyone was different. But so was I. And to my surprise, I reveled and enjoyed this change. I felt the growth. I could see how the familiar subculture I know and love was flourishing as I knew it would.

This video shares moments from both cities that I now consider home, featuring people who help shape what home means to me. From serene moments at the beach, to LA adventures with Leisure (including that gnarly scene I captured of him breaking his collarbone) to the surreal dream portal of 6th & Franklin LV with my fellow desert dreamers–these are parts of my life that make me feel less lost and give me a sense of what home feels like.

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