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I’m a firm believer that you can’t buy style and while they are not mutually exclusive – style and fashion are two completely different things. To quote an internet friend,

I make the arbitrary distinction between style and fashion as style being sort of an organic formation out of self-knowledge, and fashion being an industry.

– Zach of Sym Adornments

I never considered myself well-versed in the latter, nor have I been comfortable spending top dollar on luxury brands. As for my style – I have always been expressive (and at times cringe) but not distinct per se. It’s only been within the past couple of years that I started to mood board aspiring aesthetics, silhouettes, and statement pieces I’d like to own (a gold grill being the first on my list, purchased in 2019).

Style is truly a communication of self-knowledge. What feels like you and feels good on you? What cuts, colors and shapes compliment your body? What fabrics, textures and patterns can we experiment with for added dimension? How can we mix styles and adapt to moods and occasions, so that our fits are fluid yet cohesive? These are just a few questions I’ve began to refine the answers for myself.

As I shake off the guilt of internalized capitalism (spending on material things) – I’ve shifted my mind around purchasing clothes – not as an act of consumption, but instead as an act of creative expression. Investing in your wardrobe is simply a way to say who you are without saying it, not a signifier of wealth or frivolous living. Funny enough, I was gifted most of the pieces featured in this look, namely – the ‘Fantasy Trip’ tee by Gucci, the 2005 Re-Edition Nylon bag by Prada, and these slick calf-high boots (brand unknown). This whole look sort of came together, unplanned, and that’s the kind of divine alignment shit I love.

One thing about me is I don’t feel qualified enough about any one thing to talk about it. The whole premise of Better in Doses is to dabble in all the things, even if only in doses. I enjoy various mediums, particularly the visual expression of ideas. Sometimes I’ll have the words, other times I don’t. Although my style is still a work in progress and I’ll never be fluent in the world of fashion – creativity is a love language I’m constantly practicing. And if we’re not here to enjoy the trip, with all its dips and detours, then what’s the fuckin point?

If you made it this far, thanks for being on the ride. To real life and creative fantasies, cheers.

Words and Video Edit by Roxanne aka Substance
Photography by Monsieur Leisure



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