Art on Acid at the Brooklyn Museum


Visiting museums in NYC has always been one of my favorite activities, but the day I took a tab right before I walked into the Brooklyn Museum, it took my experience to a whole other level. I was seeing art and walking into another dimension simultaneously. Masterpieces spoke to me in languages I didn’t know existed. I had conversations with Pablo Picasso’s “Woman in Grey,” finding layers of hidden messages. I knew it hit when I was looking at Eldzier Cortor’s “Southern Landscape.” Parts of the painting that weren’t there before seemed to suddenly appear. Hidden eyes and faces camouflaged in the paintings, colors came forth and I was in awe.

Southern Landscape – Eldzier Cortor


Details of the artworks were moving and morphing into each other. It was beauty like I have never experienced–so much so that certain pieces brought me to tears. It was as if I was feeling the emotions of the artists who had created them. This experience brought a new meaning to art for me. They aren’t just pretty pieces hanging on the wall. They are stories and parts of people from different eras.

The psychedelic mind is a higher dimensional mind, it is not fit for three dimensional space time.”

– Terrence McKenna

I walked into the 5-floor museum in the early afternoon. Unknowingly, I spent the whole day there and only made it through 2 floors. I felt immense gratitude to witness the history within these walls and didn’t want to leave. I was the last one in the museum that night and would have spent the night there if I could. 

Violet is an artist, photographer and US Navy Seal Veteran, based in NYC.
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