Psychedelic Love Ballads with Angel Groove

We’ve all heard angels sing, but have you ever seen them groove? It takes a special kind of sound to summon this ultra rare phenomenon. 

Angel Groove is a 3-man band hailing from the desert lands of Las Vegas. Efrem Fajardo (vocals & guitar), Marvin Cantorna (bass), & Ron Guillermo (drums) – who all happen to be Filipino (shoutout Filipino-American History month!) – come together to make the angels dance.

Listening to 4EVER4NEVER took me on an otherworldly trip. I grew up on rock ‘n’ roll, traversed adolescence with R&B love songs & as a young adult, took a profound liking to psychedelic sound-waves. This EP transported me through different times of my life & different eras of music. The bluesy rock is reminiscent of Bad Company, an 80s band known for their R&B-based hard rock sound (the song that comes to mind is ‘Ready for Love’). The nostalgic synth-pop carries waves of Billy Ocean. The funky breakdowns that got me on my feet (literally dancing in my apartment) reminded me a lot of Toro y Moi. 

Visualizer for Track 01 – Virtual Views

I miss the days of live music where you 100000% would have seen me dancing at their sets. But alas, we must make the most of these strange times even if that means turning your living room into a dance floor (your soul will thank you). 4EVER4NEVER drops this Saturday, October 10. Blast it at home & bask in the psychedelic romance, or listen to it on your walks in this beautiful, autumnal air. 

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