I’ve loved poetry since I could pick up a book. I remember the way my mind would dance across the pages of Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. I remember the warmth and comfort of Shel Silverstein’s poems in Falling Up and Where The Sidewalk Ends. I remember digging through the internet to find lost poetry by Tupac Shakur, Jim Morrison and Allen Ginsberg.

Earlier this year, I did a 14-day poetry challenge with Aaron and it put me through something quite profound. As much as I love reading and writing poetry, it has never been something I created or consumed on a consistent basis. And even if it was only a couple weeks of writing everyday, it brought me closer to someone I really liked– a version of me who felt like me again. Someone who wasn’t stressed about work 24/7–someone who put in time daily, to do something they love–someone who felt free, light, & creative.

In lieu of the seemingly-never-ending-cycle of transitions, death & rebirth, and just, finding myself again & again, (hence the refreshed-everything on this site), I’m finding that feeling again. The feeling of being someone who makes me happy. Being happy. Being creative. Being free. It feels good to be back.

Let us continue jumping through moments, memories, & feelings, shall we? Here are selected poems from our 14-day challenge. Enjoy ~

by aarkive

by substance

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