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Rooting for Everyone [Part III]

And just like that, we’re half way through 2017. How does that make you feel? Have you taken some time to reflect on your goals? Are you content with where you’re at? If you’re like me and 99% of the creative souls I know, you’re super hard on yourself and wishing you were at point P instead of point B, but we all know success is not linear or easy as 123 & the ABC’s (bars). SO, take a deep breath, posture up, and be gentle with yourself alright?

If you’re new to the series, let me brief you: Rooting for Everyone 2017 is dedicated to artists, designers, & creators, that I know IRL or have stumbled upon via the internet. Their work inspires me and they’re truly a pleasure to follow on the grams. If you haven’t caught on by now, this platform is meant to be shared and was made to empower other creatives. I believe when we root for each other, we all flourish in an impactful way–collaboration over competition always. So without further adieu, here is the third installment of Rooting For Everyone 2017.


Living a conscious life parallels with living a creative life. They both enable you to be resourceful and mindful of everything you do. Betsy Flores Jewelry infuses these two concepts quite powerfully. I met the creator/designer, Betsy, through a close circle of creative minds in LA. I was in awe by her line of conscious creations–each piece created with a sustainable approach and meaningful design. Her work aims to “honor nature, healing, and self-empowerment.” Whether or not you believe in the power of crystals, the energy we put into anything will channel someway or another, so why not make it look sexy? Betsy creates rare and custom jewelry, using precious stones, locally sourced in LA or from sacred mines in Brazil, with recycled vintage metals, handmade and hand-milled by Betsy herself. The result? One of a kind jewelry that’s honors the Earth, serves your soul, and looks badass as fuck.

Check out her latest collection, Flowing Free:

Elements used in this collection include: aqua aura quartz, amethyst, bismuth, pyrite, clear quartz, and fluorite.  Tune in to the good vibes + her dope aesthetic, and follow @betsyfloresjewelry on Instagram!


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I’m not quite sure how I stumbled upon this profile but I’m glad I did! Pretty Decent curates and creates the coolest content ranging from, what I call, “soul-feeding” music/pop culture, feels-provoking imagery, and useful resources for small business owners. The creator of the platform, Lexi, works in digital strategy and is very active in the music community, having met Chance the Rapper, and soon, SZA! I hardly judge people off straightaway factors, but based on Lexi’s taste in music and her passion for creative marketing, we could probably, totally, be best friends.

Here are a couple posts from her blog that I really enjoyed (click image to view):

Also, I really love her super meta internet aesthetic haha. Give Lexi’s brand, @prettydecent, a follow on Instagram to keep up with the latest in music news and to get in tune with your feels.


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What I love about film photography is its raw essence–the colors, how (when done right) can make any moment turn cinematic. The desert dwelling writer and photographer, Norma Jean, captures such a vibe in her film photos and proves to be impeccable with the pen as well. She writes for the Las Vegas Weekly and has her own blog, Light Leaks LV, where she “exposes life in Las Vegas,” showcasing up and coming talent from the growing creative community. She and I share the same passion for connecting with artists on deeper levels to tell their story, which made our meeting in Las Vegas inevitable.

Film is far from dead–it’s actually well & thriving. Same goes for quality journalism. Follow @normal_genes on Instagram and see how she keeps these art forms  alive.


If my love for hiphop and psychedelia manifested itself visually, it would translate into the work of Dewey Saunders. I discovered him on Twitter, when The Fader featured his thought provoking collage, challenging the way we may think about America–a topic I always enjoy exploring. Since then I’ve been following his work and every day I get to see the mindful method and madness to his creations. Each masterpiece is first handmade, then digitized. His collage work features delightful color palettes, surreal imagery clipped from vintage publications, thoughtful design, and comes together under a theme or story.

A driving force in Saunders’ work is music. He has created art for renowned artists such as Anderson Paak, Lil Uzi Vert, and Chronixx. Keep up with his rising, wonder-filled journey and follow @deweysaunders on Instagram!

Check out Rooting for Everyone Part I & Rooting for Everyone Part II to see more dope artists.

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