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Desert City Soundwaves Vol. 2

Forget everything you think you know about Las Vegas. Born & raised in Las Vegas, even I am still amazed by its ever evolving subcultures and flourishing creative communities. The music scene is constantly pumping out new sounds and this playlist just barely captures some of it. Desert City Soundwaves Vol. 2 is mostly a compilation of rap & hiphop, with a few experimental tracks and beats. Overall though, it’s hard to put an exact genre on this music which is more reason to love it. Take a trip & enjoy. If you haven’t peeped the first installment of Desert City Soundwaves, you can check it out here.

Who are some of your favorite artists from Las Vegas? I’m looking to expand my hometown rotation, whether it be by genre or artistic medium (DJ, producer, singer, etc.), so please let me know in the comments below!

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