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Rooting For Everyone [Part II]

Spring seems fleeting, as summer vibes come like tides.
In waves & sometimes all at once.

What seeds have you planted?
Are you growing where you need to be?
Are you going where you need to be?

(It’s okay to wander)

Are you building for longevity
or is it the limelight that they seek
with each “link” – to another creative being?

Who do you root for and what keeps you rooted? 

Welcome to part 2 of Rooting For Everyone 2017! If you could summarize the first quarter of the year in three words or less, what would you say? For me, it’s “lost and found.” A lot of times, I felt like a wandering soul, just going through the motions–other times, my purpose shined with clarity. & Often times, I question, “How do I really know myself, if I’m always changing?” By now I understand the groove of life is finding yourself by constantly creating what it means to be you. And sometimes, you–the masterpiece that you are–will be a work in progress. Nothing on Earth blooms all year.

For the second installment of RFE2017, I chose people who keep me inspired through their drive, truths, and creative work. People who understand you need darkness to see the stars–life won’t always be light and that’s all right. Peep game and give them a follow on Instagram.


Ever feel like the vegan lifestyle is either a) intimidating/expensive/hard to do, or b) super pretentious? (because vegans are elite humans with superpowers) Whether you’re an aspiring vegan, or someone who has never even given a plant-based diet a second thought–Holistic Hustle is here to not only teach you how affordable and delicious vegan food is, but to break the stigma about veganism and existing paradigms about the world & our environment. Not to mention the host, Nicole Diaz, has a damn good time teaching us her plant-based, magical ways, dancing between preparation or speaking in funny accents. Enlightenment, entertainment & cooking show all in one!

I met Nicole a few years before moving to LA. Back then, she was a professional glam + special fx makeup artist. Her work was nothing short of amazing. With all the skills to succeed in the industry, something was just not speaking to her soul enough. She took a leap of faith outside of her secure comfort zone, and started working as a plant-based chef at a yoga studio, and then eventually at the renowned sustainable health & grocery market, Erewhon. Just one year later, she seized the opportunity to create plant-based alchemy in….. DUBAI! I miss having her loving spirit around, but I’m beyond proud of where she has taken her passion. Every conversation with her was filled with honesty, delight and inspiration. Even when we would discuss our fears, we always circled back to how we can turn it into something positive and get these dreams.

Follow Holistic Hustle on [Instagram] & keep up with all the deliciousness!



I met Mike at Magic Tradeshow 2012, when we were like newborn dreamers and believed anything was possible. Our hunger, our curiosity–all that was so fresh and innocent. He was a videographer on the rise, and I was blogging with Illegal Tendr. We were all just youngin’s trying to create, connect, and do dope shit. Fast forward to today, he’s now my roommate, creative/business partner & many other things if you know what’s up. We’re still dreamers–just a little more self-aware and a lot less naive.

With no bias–I can tell you Mike is one of THE hardest working humans I know. At 25 years old, he is currently Art Director at Five Four, with many creative projects on the side, ranging from music production & lyricism, photo, video, creative direction, and brand strategy. His competitive advantage: he knows how to capture feeling and the compelling essence of any story (even if he has to make it up). To be honest, the idea of an Art Director’s role seems quite abstract. It gets even trickier at a company that went from startup to a multimillion company in a matter of a couple years. In short though, Mike was called for this position for his vision, technical know-how on execution, and ability to cultivate the genius of others to create synergetic magic. His experience in the industry and perfectionist ways balance the compulsive creative in me. Much of what you see on here, and a lot of my videos likely have gone through 2-3 revisions due to his critiques. Thanks to him, there have been techniques engrained, and improvements made in my work. Leisure has taught me the importance of fundamentals & I’m very grateful for that. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

\\ Big boy but I’m light on my feet.

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Follow Mike on [Instagram] to keep up with all his work & leisure.


If anyone has deeply resonated with the bittersweetness of overflowing with passion & creativity–it’s Andrew Aquino, LA-based travel blogger of SupWithTheWorld. He and I could always relate to the struggle of being a Jack of All Trades and master of none. The result: making a lot of dope, quality shit yet falling short in consistency. Consistency is important in the age of speedy information and decreasing attention spans. But you know what? I can confidently say that we’re figuring it out. And since the re-launch of Andrew’s blog, I can tell he’s finding his rhythm too. I found his Reintroduction article notably enlightening and respectfully honest.

I’ve known Andrew since middle school and it’s been awesome to see how he has flourished in the big City of Angels. He attended FIDM and received an AA in Digital Media and BA in Business Management. He currently works at Create Advertising, wearing many hats from production to control room technician. But who cares about that. I know where his heart is really at & you can feel it in his content. What I love about Andrew’s work is his consistent ability to capture awe, wonder, and adventure. His visuals convey distinct moments in time–cinematic moments of life as a traveler, a wanderer with purpose, and lover for music. From poetry to vlogs, to short films and photography, you can bet to take a trip through Andrew’s work.

just let go | #TheTravelsofAA

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Give Andrew a follow on [Instagram] to really see/feel/hear, what’s up with the world thru his lens.


My fellow scorpio soul. Beatriz aka Bë aka ‘ipaintandshit‘ on the internet. Now this girl–is quite the character. Her paintings are raw, playful and thought provoking–much like everything about the way she carries herself. Her contagious smile lights up the room, but don’t let it fool you. She can get mean and feisty to anyone who crosses her or her loved ones. I know she’s serious when this happens, but the switch is slightly humorous to witness. Although her energy exudes light and love, her paintings show that she knows and has seen the depths of darkness. I love that she is unafraid to convey this in her work, especially in expressing the ugly & uncomfortable truths of American society.

I can’t recall the exact moment we met, I want to say it was some summer night in Las Vegas. I feel the time we have spent together was brief, as it was before I moved to LA and she eventually moved back to the bay. All I know is I’m so thankful to have crossed her path and to see her journey unfold, even from afar. From speaking to the youth, to showcasing her art, to spreading important messages on Instagram stories–her badass spirit keeps me inspired.

Follow Beatriz on [Instagram] to keep up with the inner workings of her beautiful mind.

Hope this post had all your senses stimulated! I really believe that these creatives epitomize the time & hard work it takes to hone your craft–even if that means staying focused & lowkey or embracing the darkness, knowing the light shines through regardless. Keep rooting for the ones you believe in, especially yourself. Cheers.

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