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Ready As You’ll Never Be

I’m sitting here in my new apartment in LA, rewriting this post for the thirteenth time since my first draft months ago. Nitpicking at every detail of what this all entails and allowing this to further bottleneck launch as the phrase “done is better than perfect” echoes in my conscience. Did I mention this thing was supposed to be done when I was living a different life in a different city? WHERE DOES TIME GO?

35mm by Thomas Mendoza

Welp. Whatever. Everything’s in the now anyway isn’t it? It makes no difference to you or me when you read this, so as long as you do. Thank you for being here with me. Here & Now. To peep game at what exactly this thing is. I’m super excited to finally have a project in which I may pour my passions into & utilize as a platform to share with other creatives.

BETTER IN DOSES is a manifesto of my love for poetry, human connection, places explored, revolutionary ideas that move me, style that speaks volumes about character, and real life stories worth telling. It’s a voice for the convoluted gen-y and the youth inside all of us who just wants to play and have fun. It’s a platform for creation and discussion between friends and other passionate people I’ve yet to meet. A place where there’s no need for labels or to define yourself by “what you do.” This is a place to live your dreams, challenge thought patterns, feel, create–a place to just BE! To be as human as possible and at the same time be the god/goddess that you are.

Ready or not–let’s create some shit, share our stories & celebrate this life with art. Forget perfection, it’s all about the journey, it always has been. Thank you all for tuning in.


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